Wardrobe essentials: festive holiday

by - 24 noiembrie

And you thought there were only four seasons in the year. Nope, dears- the time between Saint Nicholas and New Year's Eve deserves its own section in your calendar. Think about it.When else do you need a carrefully, curated, anually wardrobe thand depends on the time of the year. The truth is holiday season deserves its own tab.

So, to arm you with the only pieces that'll get you from party one to party 100 this month, I have put together a list of wardrobe essentials you'll be relying on to keep the season interesting.

1. The little glitter dress
So much glitter, so little time. But, behold, your moment to haul out all your best shiny stuff is happening now. If you don't have a sparkling dress you love, now's the time to check it off your list. And if you're not a short-dress kind of girl like some of us, try wearing a shimmery mini over a pair of skinny leather leggings

2. The seasonal sweater
Quirky and bold-YES....kitschy-NO. Mix it up with some sparkly trousers and heels and you're totally set.
3. The heeled ankle boot
Cutout, peep-toe boots are cute, but they're not exactly boots in my books. For parties where you have to brave slushy sidewalks, a closed-toe ankle boot with a devastatingly sexy stiletto heel is a must.
4. The statement coat
C'mon, every lady wants to roll into a party feeling like Jackie Onassis back in the day...maybe a little? Even so, the seaons's fluffy coat is not only fashion-forward, it's functional (a.k.a warm)
5. The Gala gown
Sure, you might be asking yourself just how many galas you have to go to this month. But, I guarantee that if you have the dress you'll find the oppurtunity. Something with a simple cut (but with a trend-forward like sheer pannels, lace or a racer neck) will set you apart from the crowd.
6. The leather skirt
This season think loooong. A skirt with a knee-length or longer hem is unexpected ( in a good way). Keep things fun by choosing a bold color.
7. The fancy white shirt
Chic, effortless and utterly essential, this interchangeable blouse could be your hardest working holiday piece. Just steer clear of the mulled wine.
8. The high neck sweater
This not-so-ugly sweater has been gaining more popularity this past year. Wear it with a longer skirt and flat boots for a loft party or skinny jeans and trainers for when you might be nursing that hangover afterward.
9. The textured skirt
Prints like tweeds, flowers or herringbones are hugely popular this season, but up the festive factor with bright, poppy colors and a bit of glint. Just make sure the length doesn't go past below the knee; in a maxi this style of skirt could look overhelming.
10. The fur coat
In today's fashion women can wear fur coats absolutely with everything they want, starting from skinny jeans and ankle boots to leather leggins and sweaters. For me, this kind of coat is something glamorous and emphasizez you as an elegant woman, giving an edgy style to your coat, but do not overdo it. They are timeless classic pieces which will stay in fashion for a long time.

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