Long cardigan

by - 10 noiembrie

This hot trend is nothing more than an extension of the knit trend, sweaters and boho-chic styles that were, are and will always be IN for autumn. More so, this season with the reinvention of the classic cardigan. For the past decades cardigans were basically waist length, somewhat fitted sweaters. Today, they're more that and so much more.

Long cardigans from knee-lengths to floor-lengths are massive, in chunky knits for that bohemian look as well as thin fabrics, lace, mesh...that look like floor-length trenches. Draped cardigans, aztec printed, belted, hooded, pocketed, ALL is in, in the most daring, funky and fun way possible. They probably are the best layering gimmick and style statement right now.

Nontheless, I have to be honest: from the moment I saw them, I loved them. On the hangers! I couldn't actually picture myself wearing one, maybe because of the overly knitted look (grandma alert ). But never say never, and the truth is this one looks fabulous.

Long caridgans look best with fitted bottoms: skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchier top o a denims shirt. Also, they look amazing when the play with lengths is out of control: mini skirts or dresses...even shorts.


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  1. Ce nuanta frumoasa are parul tau! Iti sta super. Imi place cum ai purtat acest cardigan :D
    Il ador <3 pupici, draga mea