Back to basics

by - 29 octombrie

This one is yet another one of those outfits comprised entirely of my all-time favorites. I've got this jacket a few days ago and we've been inseparable since. Perfectly tailored and immaculately crafted, to me, this is an ultimate investment piece. Simple and elegant, you can pair it with almost everything. And that, you know, is definitely something important to me when it comes to clothing.

The Andreea Design skirt is about a year old and it is one of the first designs I bought from her. It pairs with practically anything from blazers to oversized knits and works perfectly for day or night. In other words, it's another one of those versatile pieces I'am always raving about. The shirt is also one of my favorite items. Though I've worn it counteless times, it look just as great as it did on the day I got it.

Well, I am sure you might have noticed that lately I am having a hats moment. My advice to those of you who want to start wearing hats is to select a style you feel comfortable wearing it, like own it, instead of making it look as you're hiding a pimple on your forehead! Selecting the right fashion hats is crucial to pull off that cool and trendy look.


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7 comentarii

  1. Vale iti sta superb cu palaria si fustita e superba.

    Te pup

  2. Love this! :)

  3. Totally gorgeous! Great post! XO

  4. It's such a great jacket. Perfect pairing with the skirt. I love your hat.

  5. great look,. love your jacket
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  6. Aproape ca uitasem de fustita asta! Lovely <3

  7. Super combo! Iti sta bine cu palarie :*