The white dress

by - 07 septembrie

Move over little black dress because the little white dress is the new wardrobe staple! It's incredibly versatile, as you can dress it down or glam it up with just a few key accessories, just like you would do with a little black dress! Plus, wearing white is always a great way to instantly create a fresh, chic look.

The beauty of wearing white is that you have free rein when it comes to teaming it with color. If you want to make more of a statement, match up your little white dress with some bright colors: greens, blues or pink. Pair your white dress with a brightly colored blazer, handbag, or shoes for a fun pop of color that will draw attention. This look is great for nights out on the town when you want to make a  fun statement. Make sure to use color sparingly though, because whatever you wear will really stand out with your white dress, so remember, less is more!

When it comes to where you should wear your little white dress, remember there are no fashion rules. (except no to wear it to a wedding, as that's a big taboo) Also, be sure to be careful while eating or drinking with your dress, as any little stain will show horribly. Trust me on that!

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