The black dress

by - 08 septembrie

If yesterday I showed you how to wear a white dress, today's post is about the black dress. I know you are not used to see me in black. The truth is I am not either, but when I saw this dress on I simply couldn't resist the urge to buy it.

You all realize how I always talk about versatility and how important that might be when choosing an item to add in your wardrobe. It's not the case here. I won't lie to you. This is not a piece you can dress down, much less wear it with flats (especially if you are short like me). It's not a casual everyday thing, this dress it's a statement itself. Elegant, classy and sophisticated. It is not a dress for girls, but for women. Besides that, one thing is certain: this black midi dress is ageless! It will never go out of fashion as you can wear it both in your twenties or in your fifties and look equally stylish.

When wearing a black dress you must be aware of the fact that the accessories will be definitely noticed. So make sure that your bag and shoes are treated as part of the overall fashion look. The bag doesn't have to match the shoes or other accessories, but it should blend well with the color scheme. A small clutch is a lovely and discret choice. This time I decided to keep my look quite neutral, going for silver accents and not for bold colors. As I have already mentioned, from my point of view, this dress is a remarcable piece by itself and does not need other embellishments.

In the end, wearing this dress made me realize we should stop being afraid of black, of midi, of classic. I believe it's high time we played a little dress up game, get out of that old pair of jeans we wear everyday and from time to time be women!

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13 comentarii

  1. Beautiful dress!!!!

  2. You look like a princess
    I haven't known your blog until now , but I love it
    you look always so sweet

    new post

  3. This dress is super versatile and beautiful!. You look great in black! XX

  4. Absolutely fab look! !!

  5. Ce bine te prinde stilul asta! Esti foarte frumoasa <3

  6. Un look encantador!!!

  7. Great dress, you look so elegant.

  8. You look like a princess! Stunning.

  9. u can't go wrong with black. Looking amazing and elegant

    BamBam Blog


  10. Estás preciosa. El vestido te sienta divinamente.

  11. rochia este speciala si te prinde foarte bine :). Weekend placut, draga mea!

  12. Great post, I really like your blog and I think that you are awesome blogger. Good luck in future! :* If you want look my blog and if you like it, follow me. Thanks <3