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by - 29 septembrie

I don't know about you, but I don't like shopping for jeans online. When it comes to jeans I think the most important thing is how they fit. No matter how beautiful they might be, regardless the fabric or the style, if they doesn't fit perfectly they won't look good. Therefore, you have to try them on. Believe me, I've put on several pairs on the same size and they all were different.

A comfortable, durable and great fitting pair of jeans is one of the essentials that should be in every girl's wardrobe. A classic pair can go from a casual day at the office and can look just as appropriate for weekend errands. A great pair of jeans can go further than just about any other essential, but it can be a challenge finding your perfect pair of jeans.

With so many jeans on the market, it's essential to do your assignment and get the right pair for your body type. It doesn't matter if you're getting designer jeans or not, the key to be fabulous is knowing your fit and strutting it right! Go head and show your figure! A pair of lower-riding, slim fit, straight jeans is a great way of accentuating those curve while still looking natural.

I must confess that I simply adore this necklace from Zaful. Don't blame me, but you will be seeing it a lot around here!

Necklace here

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  1. Ce frumoasa este jacheta. Am si eu una ff asemanatoare de la Stradivarius. Imi place cum ai combinat-o cu acel colier si acea camasuta. Lovely