First impressions at work: do your clothes make the cut?

by - 04 septembrie

First impressions often have a great impact on your success at work and even your company's success. Therefore think about your wardrobe choices and the appropriate work wear.

While we may want to rebel and say that our skills should be enough, first impressions, especially your clothes and appearance make a  much stronger first impression. It goes back to the old adage :" A picture is worth a thousand words", encouraging you to put your best look forward at all times. While you need to look smart for interviews, it's even more important that you look the part and portray the company you're representing properly. Therefore, some companies are even enforcing dress codes.

Why First Impressions Matter

  • Your work wear sends a message to every person that you encounter throughout the day. It shows them how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. You wouldn't want to be season as casual or sloppy, you want to be seen as competent and professional so you need to look the part.
  • If you wear mismatching outfits, potential clients may miss your expertise as they'll often pass you by. They'll only find out how smart you are if you actually get to chat with them. Therefore, it's beneficial to splurge on some appropiate work wear choices where you're dressing for the job you want at the company. Clients will think your business savvy and listen to you which will look good for your company also.
  • It's important to pay attention to how others in the company dress. You want to fit into the industry and not stand out like sore thumb. If you work in art gallery, wearing a dark, boxy suit may stick out so you may choose something with more colours. It's important to choose the highest quality garments from well-known workwear suppliers. Be consistent with your choices and show up each day well put together.

The importance of a Dress Code

Company dress code may vary by the type of business. That's why, to avoid wrong interpretations, it is important for workers like us to understand the dress code that our company implements. If you work in a financial firm, the dress code regulations may be different than if you work in an old-fashioned 1950s diner. Nevertheless, if you're working in a professional setting, you'll have to make sure that your attire from workwear suppliers will carry the specifications and the expectations of the company, such as formal business suits or dress suits, as well as lightweight blazers over wrinkle-free dress pants. Remember that you're not working in a place where it's allowed to wear casual attire like sandals or tennis shoes; only use closed-toe dress shoes.
Alternatively, if you work in a diner or other more laid back businesses, they can still enforce a dress code so that all of their employees look professional, such as matching polo shirts, black pants or skirts. Most importantly, they'll want you to put your best look forward so that customers see the best part of their business.

As dress codes are created, remember to follow them because if you become too casual, other employees may become casual about their work ethics as well by not finishing projects on time or dressing how they prefer anyway. That's not the kind of first impression you want other to get of your workplace, is it?

Enough about work! It's Friday and I know you must be looking forward for the weekend, but do not forget to think about your work outfits for the next week!
Hope you'll find my advice useful!
Have a nice day,

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