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I have a confession to make: I am afraid of birds. Any kind of birds...even of a little chicken. I guess I am more chicken than the chicken itself :) It all started during my childhood when I was attacked by a rooster. Although no one besides me remembers that story I kept on beliving it. Since then I have spent my life avoiding birds as much as possible, and the only time I got close to a pigeon was when it was on my plate ready for dinner.

However, I chose birds for my skirt. Who said I am not a brave girl? :) The truth is I just couldn't resist when I saw it. It seemed like it was calling my name. Obviously when it comes to clothing or accesories the way they look is important, yet I find that how you feel when you wear that certain item plays an equally important part. If something doesn't feel good on, no matter how beautiful it is, it will inevitably end up in the back of your closet forgotten in favor of something a bit more comfortable. Well, at least, that's how it is for me. And so, when I find something that's beautiful inside and out I tend to hold on.

When I had planned this outfit I have a different bag in mind. But as luck would have, it arrived at the postal office yesterday. It was love at first sight and besides that it completed my outfit perfectly, even better than the first one. Isn't this so lovely?

What do you think about this outfit? Looking forward to hear your opinions!
Find the skirt here
Bag here

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4 comentarii

  1. you look absolutely stunning! xx


  2. Esti superba! Stiu ca iti este frica de pasari, din TAG-ul acela cu 5 lucruri despre tine:)))
    It sta super cu fusta asta.
    Te pup

  3. Suuuuper draguta fustaaa, iar camasa din-asta imi caut si eu de ceva timp
    Kissss :*

  4. Ce frumoasa e fusta! <3