Style is eternal: YSL tribute

by - 15 august

No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter you might think, acting and dressing like a lady will always be the strongest afrodisiac ever. I see more and more that women forget about being women and try to act like men. They forgot about cooking and nice dresses, now it is cool to drink vodka and smoke. Being a lady means good clothes, good manners and great style. Eternal style.

Yves Saint Laurent was a promoter of that. He was one of the designers for whom a classy and elegant style was essential. His designs were meant to dress smart and elegant women who weren't afraid of being women. He shocked the public and buyers' sensibilities and shook the fashion world out it reverence and sent it in a new direction. He gave power to women and to the idea of classy, elegant style.

I love YSL designs,  and I am more enormously pleased to see that even now after so many years, Saint Laurent fashion house preserves his ideas. That's why I was more than happy when contacted me and gave me the chance to pay a tribute to him. The Bowes Museum and the Fondation Pierre Berge- Yves Saint Laurent are collaborating to create Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal, which will be presenting a comprehensive display of fashion designer's work and life.

Therefore, I was asked to create a complete look from the designer which has to be timeless in style, an outfit that you can re-invent and wear for eternity. In order to compose that look I have chosen only ageless pieces such as:
- the smoking black jacket
- the white shirt
- the tailored black pants
- the animal print
- the statement necklace
- the classy elegant stilettos

You can find all these items on Farfetch here
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  1. I love YSL and it makes me happy as well that his ideals are being preserved even now that he is gone. Yes style is eternal. Lovely picks Valentina darling, :)).