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by - 14 august

Hello, everyone! Long time, no see! The truth is I was in a short vacation and I wanted to take advantage of that and just relax. No more pictures, no more blog posts, no more thoughts about clothes and outfits, just me, my boyfriend and the sea.

But now that I am back in bussines, I wanted to show you an outfit that you could easily wear at office. Lucky me, I don't work in a place that requires a specific dress-code, but I know many of you have to dress classy, elegant and formal.

If you want to look professional, than you need to take your work wardrobe seriously. First determine which dress code level is appropiate for the position you currently have and follow the +1/-1 rule. You cand always dress one level higher, and it can even work to your advantage if you aspire to rise through ranks. Jumping two levels higher, however, will just make you look overdressed. The only time you should dress one level down is on a casual Friday or other relaxed event.  If you're not sure which level is most appropriate for your environment the basic rule is: the more you deal with a client's money, the more traditional and conservative you should be dressed.

I think these pants from are great for a day at the office. The perfect formal cut, the perfect length, not to tight, not to loose and in a lovely grey. As I wanted an outfit a little bit out of ordinary, I added purple shoes, but you could as well wear black heels. If you think the necklace is too much, you can keep it in your purse and put it on after work for a chic outfit.

What do you think? Would you wear this kind of outfit at work?

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4 comentarii

  1. Love that stylish outfit with those pants! :)

    Great for the office! And for Friday evening drinks!! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  2. Imi place mult outfitul asta, poate si alura office, dar pantalonii si pantofii sunt supeeeerbi, nu mai spun de geanta 💟💟💟

  3. superba!ador pantofii mov :)

  4. In love de pantofii tai mov. Sunt superbi si imi place cum sunt combinati cu restul tinutei. Superbi si pantalonii, dar si colierul.