How to find the prom dress of your dreams

by - 18 august

Did you spot a photo of your perfect prom dress and strike out with finding it in a store? Try some of these tips for finding your dreams dress.

It can be really frustrating when you spot your dream prom dress in a magazine or in the window of a store, but it's sold out in your size. Don't lose hope yet, because I'm going to share with you som tips on how to hunt down that perfect dress and some ideas to re-create your perfect dress.

Tips for Locating Hard to Find Prom Dresses

Did you just find "the one" : the prom dress that is so different from all of your friends and shows off your best curves only to be devastated when you find out it's not available in your size? Now you probably feel like no other prom dress will do, but before you totally panic, try some of these tips:
  • Remember to jot down the designer and the style, as well as colour and preferred size of the gown, as this will make your search easier
  • Begin by searching on the Internet. You can try doing a more general search by just searching for that particular dress or you could go straight to the designer's website and see who may carry that design.
  • Try a well-known storefront, like a prom dresses store in Chicago, which carries luxurious and one-of-a kind dresses. If they don't have it in-stock, check the store's website because sometimes they may have additional stock available there.
  • Make a scheduled appointment at a dress salon. Even if you can't find "the one", a professional may be able to notice your style and direct you to another stunning dress that will work as well

What to Do When You Can't Find Your Dream Dress

You've tried all the tips above and still can't find anything that resembles your dream dress. Now what? Well, you might have to get a little creative to get the results you want.

Comb through 2015 prom dresses where everything is on sale. Pick a classic style where you can add some beading, ruffles, or even a cool belt to make it your own.

Consider buying a sample dress or one off the rack and then get it altered by a seamstress to your specifications.
Change your look with a dress you already own. Try revamping a navy blue or black dress. If you're going for a glamourous look, put your dress on over a sheer black, and compliment your look with antique gold jewellery and nude strappy sandals. If you prefer a girly look, you can recreate your dress to be two-tone by wearing a silver chiffon flared skirt, and a chunky silver heart pendant.

Above all else, remember to start looking for your prom dress early so there's less chance of it being gone. Several dress boutiques run out of their prime offering by February so shop early and if you have to special order, do it at least two months before your prom or event.

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