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by - 06 august

When my friend, Andreea, challenged me to show you my everyday outfit, the first thing that came to my mind was to wear an Andreea Design skirt. Isn't that funny? Those of you, who read my blog on regular basis, already know how big fan of these skirts I am. In fact, my collection has now about 20 skirts, and it is constantly growing. If you ask yourself why, here are the main reasons:
1. Good quality. When I received my first skirt from Andreea, I didn't expect to look that good. I admit I was fooled by the low price and the fact that I didn't know her, but my reaction when I put on the skirt was to grab the phone and order some more.
2. Versatility. Well, my dears, imagine this: a skirt that you can wear with almost anyting, from high heels to sneakers, at anytime, from day to night, at any season, from winter to summer, at any event or occasion. How cool is that?
3. More than affordable prices. Check here the price list. You will be amazed!
4. Good fabric. I must confess: I am a duffus when it comes to eating. I always manage to stain my clothes. Chocolate, oil, coffe..it doesn't matter. My boyfriend doesn't even have to ask me if I had anything to eat because I am always wearing it on my clothes. Well, guess what? I managed to stain one (ok..not just one...two or three) of my Andreea Design skirts, but the good news is that it came out so easily, with a simple wash and a touch of Vanish. The fabric is easy to iron, easy to wash, easy to wear.
5. Variety. You will always have plenty of colors from where to choose. Besides, Andreea has many other models, shapes and lengths.

As regards today's outfit, you can see that although I am not wearing heels, I remained loyal to my style: feminine, classy with a little bit of elegant touch. And I love this pretty messenger bag which you can find here.


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5 comentarii

  1. Ce postare frumoasa!! Si nu ma refer doar la poze, ci si la ce ai scris!! Iti multumesc pentru tot!
    Te pup, frumoasa mea! <3


  2. You look beautiful dear!

    Please click on the link on my post

  3. Glad the skirt worked out, it is super cute! You look stunning.

  4. so gorgeous!! love the outfit...
    kisses from dubai ♥