Cool for the summer

by - 30 iulie

I have a very serious rompers. They're the first thing I gravitate towards in every store, and I may have purchased two within two weeks. A friend once told me :" I don't get this romper trend, whenever I put one on I feel like a five-year old". And then I realized, maybe that's part of the reason I love a one-piece so much. They offer a sense of playfulness without the commitment to a minidress and without the hassle of pants in the summer heat. And if you so choose, you can really amp up the hotness factor. You may be thinking my friend is totally right and that rompers should be reserved solely for toddlers on a playground, but I promise, one of these little playsuits will be perfect for any warm-weather occasion.

Whenever the temperature starts warming up, I immediately ditch my trusty jeans and opt for shorts. I also start paying less attention to layers and want my outfits to be as easy as possible. The easiest pieces are either dresses or rompers. I especially love this romper from Romwe (which can be found here) because it has the look of a dress from the front and shorts from the back. It's the perfect solution to my complicated relationship with dresses, and love for rompers, and so easy to dress up or down. What makes it even better is the cute stripes; you know me, I am a sucker for stripes.

Come have a look!

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7 comentarii

  1. Hi valentina
    Great summer combo,
    You look stunning as always.

    Jackelin Cc

  2. Vad ca pana la urma ai prins-o si nici nu mai pare transparenta!! Arata chiar super. Imi place cum ai accesorizat-o <3

  3. Nice jumpsuit!