Wedding time #1

by - 08 iunie

I love going  to weddings. Really, I do. This particular type of human gathering has a lot of pomp and flourish that the world needs more. Sure, to many people it is an empty ritual. To others, it might seem like a waste of time. To me, it's a great occasion to get dressed up and participate in a ritual that is packed with meaning.

Besides the meaning of a wedding to the people getting married, watching a wedding in person reminds me of the romance in my own life. The nervousness, the knowing looks and the pomp and circumstance, all remind me of the importance of romance in my own life and how it makes everything else in my life better, shine brighter and be more meaningful.

Nonetheless, this wedding was very special for me as my friend and future sister-in-law, Emilia got married. Ema and Florin are one of the most beautiful and lovely couple I have ever met. They understand and support each other and most important of all, they love each other unconditionally. That's exactly the feeling I got during their wedding. It was touching to see them as wife and husband, even more if I think about my own wedding which will take place next year. We danced all night, we loved the food and we had a really good time. I wish them all the best and to live happily ever after!

For this event I chose two outfits: one for the day and one for the party. I must confess that I am in love with my beautiful mint gown from It was custom made and it had the most amazing color ever. Don't you agree? The other outfit was a little bit more simple, but as you know me I spiced it up with accessories.

Looking forward to hear your impressions!

With love,

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8 comentarii

  1. Esti papusa Valeeee, esti superba. Stii ca vorbeam noi despre solar, la tine chiar se vede :D Imi place rochia, abia astept sa o port si eu :)))

  2. Valentina, both outfits are really wonderful! :) Great choices dear!

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  3. love the dresses!! so so pretty...

    kisses from dubai ♥

  4. Ai fost superba Valentina, iar rochiile divine!! Ce mult seamana Ema cu Silviu, ca doua picaturi de apa!
    Te pup

  5. ai fost superba, Valentina!te pup :*

  6. Deeeeci... :( acum am aflat de rochita asta de la Poema! Eu mi-am comandat deja rochita pentru botez si imi vine intr-o saptamana, ca e pe comanda...
    Daca stiam de existenta acestei rochite, o luam cu siguranta! :(
    Sunt superbe amandoua, la fel ca si tine.

  7. Oh, my <3 rochitele feminine, mai ales cele in roz, nude te prind perfect. Azi ti-am descoperit blogul si ceea ce ma face sa il salvez in blogger e feminitatea ta, rochitele superbe si stilul clasic elegant pe care il ai. Esti tare frumusica! Pupici!:)