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by - 26 iunie

Those of you who read my blog on regular basis are probably used to see me all the time wearing heels. The main reason for that is the fact that I am short. Is not that I am ashamed about it, but I must confess I feel more confident and beautiful on high-heels. Besides, you know me, I am a kind of classy-elegant gal, therefore wearing high heeled shoes is a must.

I must confess that a few years ago I only wore heels. That because of the lack of confidence in myself. I didn't like at all the fact that I was short, therefore I would have done anything to hide it. My boyfriend changed my mind. He made me realize that I don't look as bad as I think in sneakers or flats, that although I am not as high as I want I am cute as well. So i started, step by step to buy loafers, sneakers, flats etc.

The truth is I have to admit there are times when wearing heels isn't appropriate. I think this is one of the most important things when talking about fashion: always adapt the way you dress to the moment. How it would be to wear a sequin dress for office or jeans for a wedding? The same rule apply when talking about shoes.

This was one of those times when I couldn't wear heels because we went bowling with Andreea and Adi. Although I went for jeans and sneakers I wanted to add something feminine and chic to my outfit. And what could have been better than a statement necklace? I've always liked to spice up my outfits and get out of the ordinary.

What do you think? Do you like my outfit?
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12 comentarii

  1. Vai, colierul m-a dat gata|! O.O

  2. Superba tinuta!! Iti sta foarte bine si asa sporty!!
    Te pup :*

  3. Hi Valentina

    I'm totally agree with you, I love sporty chic outfits.


  4. This outfit is amazing!


  5. very nice outfit you look great in it!
    I blog about jewelry and how to style jewelry with outfits.

  6. Love the shirt! You look great!


  7. (Brasil) the beautiful look. I loved it! ^^

  8. love it :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  9. very cool!

  10. Gorgeus! The necklace it´s perfect

  11. Sunt innebunita dupa tenisii astia simpli, iar tricoul e foarte dragut.

    Te pup.