Nude for fall

by - 25 septembrie

Some time ago I decided to stop buying clothes that were too trendy at that moment, those ones that one year later are completely demode. Not that I'm old, but one thing I've learned through all these years is to define my style and stick to it, it prevents me of buying trendy things that I would get bored of in a short lapse of time. I'll define mine as girly, vintage and elegant, even though I like to dress up properly to parties and events.

The point when I realized I should stop buying everything I see was a couple of years ago when I got an aztec skirt that I have never worn and I ended up giving it away because I couldn't stand it anymore. Then I asked myself why I kept buying those clothes that wouldn't fit my sytle even though it was the trendiest. Why I tell you this now? Well, today's skirt is one of the few impulsive purchases that I still own. After all, I still like its shape.

So you probably know me from my colorful style, but the truth is that I'm not always that colorful. Especially not on those days when I want to go for something easy and comfy. On those days I'm no too keen on coordinating colors and patterns. And the fact is that everyone's being going crazy for nude color pallettes lately. The fall whites phenomena is catching on for many reasons. First off, nudes are very delicate and feminine, adding that soft and ethereal quality to any look. It's very subtle, yet elegant and classy.

Secondly, it is a new and refreshing option to the expected all black everything look. It also looks great on all skin tones when done perfectly. I have been obsessed with pastel colors although it's tricky to pull them off without looking washed out.

Now I have to go, but I hope that you like this outfit and also that it can inspire you.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Love, Valentina

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17 comentarii

  1. You look super cute! Tare bine iti sta cu noua tunsoare :)
    Tiunta e superba, ai un stil minunat :*

    1. Multumesc, draga mea! Esti foarte dragutza cu mine! te puup

  2. Imi place mult de tot tinuta si te prinde de minune acest stil.
    Detaliile sunt incantatoare: cerceii, fusta si pantofiorii.

    Te pup,
    Catalina- EbonyVintage

  3. Esti superba, imi place mult combinatia dintre sacou si fustita. Delicioasa!

  4. Valentina you did it again, stylish, with a girly touch, yet sophisticated at the same time. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, my dear! You are as kind as always! Lots of kisses for you girl!

  5. imi place fusta in tinuta asta! esti foarte eleganta

  6. Cat de finuta si fresh e tinuta !!!Imi place ca ai ales sacou!

  7. Ce ținută super!! Simplă si de efect!! Te pup

  8. This is such a great classic piece. I always try to stop myself from buying super trendy things because in the long run, I'm probably not going to wear it as much.

    Maggie S.