Elegance is an attitude

by - 29 septembrie

When Chritstian Dior was aked: "what is the key to good dressing?", he said : "There is no key! If there were it would be too easy, rich women could buy the key and all their fashion worries would be over! But simplicity, grooming and good taste-the three fundamentals of fashion-cannot be bought. But they can be learned, by rich and poor alike."

All women thrive to be elegant, without actually understanding what it means, they buy tons of clothes, bags, shoes. They match them well, maybe even too well, a little too common and a little bourgeois; the bag is the same color of the coat or of the shoes, old style, not actually elegant.

Elegance is innate. It's an attitude; it has nothing to do with what you are actually wearing! You can learn to dress well, but that doesn't necessarily mean you also learn to be elegant. You move a certain way, you sit a certain way. The hands, the face, they have a sort of elegant attitude in the movements.

Elegance is not even about height or weight. It's a gift, a natural attribute. It proves clothes are not what make you elegant. It doesn't depend on the price, embroideries or how rich it looks.  Natural elegance inspires the mind

It doesn't mean beauty. Elegance has its own codes...

Happy birthday, Mom!


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18 comentarii

  1. Ce frumos ai scris! <3
    Ai o tinuta foarte eleganta si frumoasa, chiar mai devreme mi-am comandat o fusta asemanatoare cu a ta, abia astept sa vina :)
    Imi place la nebunie colierul, vine atat de bine cu tinuta asta!

    1. Multumesc frumos, Cris! De abia astept sa te vad cu ea! pupicei

  2. Adoring this lady like outfit on you Valentina. You look stunning girl.

  3. Wow, minunata tinuta si mi-a placut mult cum ai scris postarea aceasta!
    Blazer-ul este absolut superb, il ador, arata fantastic!
    Imi place cum ai asortat piesele vestimentare, arata minunat impreuna!

    Te-am nominalizat la un Tag, daca iti face placere si nu l-ai completat inca, gasesti detalii despre el aici: http://ebonyvintage.blogspot.com/2014/09/tag-very-inspiring-blogger-award.html


    1. Multumesc pentru tag...voi raspunde la el cat de curand! Te pup si eu si iti multumesc pentru comentariul atat de frumos!

  4. really fab <3


  5. Ei...uite aici ar fi mers de minune un ruj mai puternic :D

  6. Si unghiile se pun :)) Dar vreau sa vad RUJ :))

  7. Imi place mult fusta, atat croiul ei cat si culoarea! Esti simpatica tare. Te pup <3